Anne O’Rourke – Featured Artist

Fresh Brewed Sessions | Anne O'Rourke

Anne O’Rourke is a singer-songwriter from the North Fork of Long Island. She’s been writing songs since 2009 and has accumulated over 70 original pieces. Her songs tell stories about her personal experiences. She tries to always make it positive in the end so even in the darkest of times there’s a little bit of hope.

"Ode to the Music Maker" By definition, an ode is a poem in which a person expresses a strong feeling of love or respect for someone or something. After meeting a group of amazing singer-songwriters and watching a fellow musician perform with his band for the first time, Anne wanted to write an ode to those who inspire her. She knows so many musicians that pour their everything into their art & sees how they write, when they talk about their music, & especially when they share it. Ode to the Music Maker is a dedication to being your most authentic music self.

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