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"Yes Yes" is one of the new singles off of Aqua cherry’s EP “Sum of Love” set to release on May 26th of 2019. Written by Cortney and Chad, "Yes Yes" is about love and the emotional connection which happens when love is felt both physically and internally. It's a feel-good song and engages the listener to dance while relating to something real.

Aqua Cherry is a Reggae Rock Pop band from NY. Their music provides sweet, uplifting, booty-shaking' reggae grooves infused with a rebellious rock edge. Over the years, in the studio and at countless gigs, Aqua Cherry has laid out a color palette of songs with which to create an immersive live experience. Each show is an opportunity to invite the audience into the band, to be a part of a special moment together. Dance and sway and enjoy being close during "Twilight," look within for the courage to fight the oppressive concept of fate during "Helix," marvel at the wonders of our unique inner worlds during "Sum of Love," and remember all those who influence us with the reggae ballad "Forever." When Aqua Cherry come together, they are bigger than themselves. They trust in one another and find the inspiration to push the music to new heights. The listeners and musicians tune to one another like instruments and turn songs into a state of being. Then there are no labels for the music, no definitions for ourselves, and no limits to what we can experience and feel.

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