Crean Family Band – Featured Artist

The Crean Family Band is a group of siblings from Patchogue, New York. Anne, Deirdre, and Nolan are each musician and songwriter in their own right. Together, they weave three-part harmonies and bring musical depth to their songs. The familial bonds between them are evident in the way they sing together and interact on stage: teasing each other, supporting each other, and coming together to create one sound. Through their music, you are invited to sit in their living room and become a part of the family.

"My Body & Me" was written to celebrate the only person who is going to be with you for your whole life- you. Written by Deirdre Crean, this ukulele tune seems light and fun, but the underlying resolve of the message is what carries it. Through what feels like a candid, three-part harmony-filled conversation, Crean explains how she is proud to take care of her body the way it has taken care of her.

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