Good Luck Lapis – Featured Artist

Good Luck Lapis is a Long Island based band composed of varied individuals with varied musical influences. This eclectic mix of musical flavors helps contribute to a fun and fresh style blending and bending genres in their original music. In this performance we have Lyricist and singer Leo. P as well as arrange and guitarist Jon “Cos” Orozco.

“Kiss” is a song about the moment when that irresistible person unexpectedly comes into your life. Good Luck Lapis tells a relatable story of a young man who finally decides to have a night out unaware they’re about to spend their night in a flirtatious “cat and mouse” game of growing emotions and desires with a beautiful stranger. Fighting his better judgement to not seem too eager, he drops any pretense and façade once she hooks him with a kiss and he’s forced to admit to himself he’s found someone he won’t soon forget this night.

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