Julia Lambert – Featured Artist

Julia Lambert began pursuing music seriously around the age of 13. She taught herself how to play guitar, and keys followed, and I began writing and performing music. After playing all over the island with her band, Nexus, Julia began to really focus on her solo career. She acquired John Gallo on Bass, Dan Delvecchio on Guitar, Vincent Guiliano on Keys, and Dan Francis on drums to accompany herself at shows. They have a tight and full sound and bring great energy to any room we play. Currently, she has an EP out on all digital platforms entitled "Julia Lambert; The EP" so be sure to go check that out and give it a listen!

"Junk Drawer" was a song written after being bullied. The song is a metaphor of how sometimes you feel "like that key nobody knows what it's for" in somebody's "Junk Drawer". The key is kept around just in case it's needed someday. It was a tough time for me, but I channeled that through my music and wrote a song that helped me through it and could hopefully help whoever listens to it.

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