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Fresh Brewed Sessions | Mel Morin

Melanie Morin is a singer/songwriter born and raised on Long Island, NY. Her eclectic sounds give a chance for anyone to enjoy her music. Her raspy, soulful voice captures the essence of warm butter on a toasted piece of homemade bread. Sprinkled with her feel-good energy, she sure is sweet! Inspiration comes from everywhere for Melanie. Having both parents who are musicians, she’s been engulfed by music her whole life. Growing up while first writing, she’d be inspired by Regina Spektor, India Arie, Lauryn Hill, Jason Mraz, Adele, etc.. Melanie’s goal through her music is to connect and spread positive energy to anyone she encounters. Making it known that we all are the same, yet unique in such magnificent ways.

"Wake n’ bake" is a liberating song about simply waking up and getting high. But the deeper meaning behind the song is doing what you wanna do in life and whatever it is to help you live the life you deserve. It’s a song about celebrating an herb that lifts people up, heals the sick, centers the scattered brained, and gets you feeling good. I believe marijuana should be legal for medical purposes, sustainable living, and a whole lot more.

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