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MJT is a band of brothers who got their start playing jazz with the youngest being 6 and the eldest 13. drawing inspiration from artists like Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane, weather report, booker t, and others, they went on to perform such venues as the Apollo Theater, Rye Playland, Oheka Castle, and Long Islands Famed East End Wineries. circa. 2014 when they decided to completely overhaul their identity and move in the direction of high energy rock and roll.

"Past.Present" is a song I didn’t understand at first. I knew the chords and melody made me think of days gone by but as the lyrics formed line by line it started to make more sense. What came out was a song about mistakes and about moving past them. It’s about working hard and not worrying about anything but what’s most important. To me, it’s all summed up in the chorus “Lost my mind but not my soul”. "Past.Present" is about redemption for things in and out of your control and making the future whatever you want it to be." -David Godfrey "Past.Present" is the title track from the forthcoming full-length concept album. The record is a modern day love story and this song is a moment when things start to take off.

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