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"Our Fears" is a hard progressive rock band who are, appropriately, from Rockland County, NY. I’d describe the foursomes sound as leaning towards the clean-cut hard rock that cares more about elevating the genre rather than re-inventing it—which is a good thing. The foursome will be the first to admit that Coheed and Cambria have been a strong influence on their sound and you can hear that theatricality and technical precision. They’ve also got a pop-rock thing going on with their melodies and vocals reminiscent of a P.O.D. or even a Fall Out Boy." - Erin White*, AFROPUNK Contributor.

"Air Bag" is the story of a young couple who went to a party and were involved in a car accident upon leaving the party that resulted in the death of the girlfriend. The boyfriend is compelled to still take his girlfriend home to her family, in his now wrecked car, because he promised he would get her home at the end of the night.

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