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Rick Eberle is an American Publicist, Talent Agent, Artist Manager, Musician, Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist and TV/Radio Personality. Rick's band Iridesense (Which also includes Tara Eberle-Drouin on Vocals/Bass, Rich Drouin on Drums, Rob Viccari on Guitar), where he is a founding member and co-lead singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist, has toured the US opening for major acts such as Gin Blossoms, Spin Doctors and Sugar Ray and placed songs on the Nickelodeon Network shows Drake & Josh, Zoey 101 and iCarly. The band has several independent label releases - Cool Dream Tomorrow, Iridesense, A Trip Called Life, Secret Constellation and Thought Parade.

"Forget My Name" is about Love, as in life, is unpredictable. Sometimes a fork in the road is created and decisions have to be made as to which angle you should follow. Stay with the old, run away with the new, or leave them both behind? Often in this situation, the wrong choice can lead to sadness and regret. Among unwitting competitors, games are always going to be played, and things that are simply fleeting can be disguised as your supposed destiny. You’ll come to find that the best bet is to cut your losses. Love yourself completely and don’t look for happiness in anyone else. There will only be a disappointment in the end if you do.

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