Michael Carosella – Featured Artist

Michael Carosella is a multi-faceted musician from Long Island, New York with a raw writing style, influenced by his roots in punk rock and his experiences growing up struggling with addiction, grief, and heartache. His singer/songwriter material shows a deeper side of his personal life where his other bands This Machine and Teddy Shredder explore ideas of spirituality, politics, and sexuality. While soulful and sad at times, Michael gives his all when he writes and performs, he hopes to be able to give a unique perspective and distinct guitar style that will inspire others.

“Enough” is a song about looking deeper at the flaws and truths within us. The inconsistencies in our thoughts, our contradictions in our ideology and the motivation behind our intentions. Michael Carosella writes about a world seemingly separate and cold but shows that our defects are what give us our connection within one another.

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