Nick Mullady – Featured Artist

I never really developed my “musicianship” until I started Aron Street. Singing and playing guitar has always been a hobby of mine but it was really just for myself. I lock myself in my basement late at night when everyone went to sleep so no one could hear me. It was my time to myself. But Due to some personal issues, I needed an outlet where I can express myself in a way I never have before. I spent two years at college and after that, I decided to start a music project with my friends. This would be the first time I ever got on stage. I was hooked from day one.

I really enjoy performing this song “Glory”. I came up with the idea for this song years ago but didn’t actually get around to completing it until very recently. It was kinda just something I threw together because I wanted a new song in our roster that we could play at shows. It started off as a slow-moving, very sad, and lyrically heavy acoustic song that I’d perform by myself, but we adapted it into a cool reggae song that gets the crowd moving. It will be debuted on our second EP “My friend Luke” on July 26th! I love this song particularly because I perform it two completely different ways, drawing two completely different reactions from the crowd.

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